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 Rod Wave - 2019 (Official Audio)Download ���������� �������������� �������������� ������������ ���������������� 2019 MP3 secara gratis di Essay MP3. Detail Rod Wave - 2019 (Official Audio) MP3 dapat kamu nikmati dengan cara klik link download dibawah dengan mudah tanpa adanya iklan yang mengganggu..

 Rod Wave - 2019 (Official Audio)

Rod Wave - 2019 (Official Audio)

RodWave 4.71 MB Download

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 Rod Wave - 2019 (Lyrics)

Rod Wave - 2019 (Lyrics)

2H Music 4.71 MB Download

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 2019, in 6 minutes

2019, in 6 minutes

Vox 9.29 MB Download

Let's ring in the new year — and new decade — by looking back at the moments that entertained us, shook us and inspired us. Explore the Vox decade...



親親2o音樂LîvË【中文音樂】 4.51 MB Download

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 [2019년] 추억의 인기가요 Best50 연속듣기

[2019년] 추억의 인기가요 Best50 연속듣기

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#2019 #추억의인기가요 #euna4ever #연속듣기 ☞ 일정 조회수 이상이 되면 유튜브에서 임의로 광고를 삽입합니다. ☞ 본 영상에 대한 저작권은 각 노래들의 저작권자들에게 있으며, 영상에 추가되는 광고의 수익은 본채널과 아무런 상관이 없음을...

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"2019" Lyrics

Seen it coming
Did you ever see it coming?
Keep running
Should’ve kept running
Goodbye my friend I’ll go the end
And I’ll won’t fall in love again until I find
Everything you used to be
We used to be

Sitting in my feelings reminiscing about the past
Can’t ever forget you all the time that we had
Young n***a caught the bug so we love so attached
I paint the whole sky red, do you remember that
I’m the one that saved the day, I’m the one that you would call on
But now you’re feeling ways, telling I did you all wrong
I won’t run to Wesley Chapel for Christmas
All the ___ chasing dreams do you remember?
Cus I remember
The day I knew that you’d be stuck with me baby
On the road doing shows I told you come with me baby
We get lit up in Atlanta I fell in love with a dancer
Owe em 224 we the second floor in the ____
From the bed to the floor, however much you can help
But after this we got to go, I have business to do tell me
So deep in love, she the one that I was rolling with
So deep in love, she don’t ever wanna go home again
Hotel to hotel, when I was on my homeless shit
A good dealer might catch the couch, when I needed it
We was so happy poor but when we got rich
That’s when signals get crossed and we got flipped
Read her mind, I don’t know what made me leave that shit
Made me speed that quick, let me see that’s it
It was the ___ help the bitches get amnesia quick
They used to call up their buddy and now they’re saying they love me
Used to tell their friends I was ugly and wouldn’t even touch me
Till I showed up in a dubbed out buggy
Now they getting fuzzy then they don’t remember that
Then I don’t remember you

But you seen it coming
I know you seen it coming
Keep Running
Should’ve kept running
Goodbye my friend I’ll go the end
And I’ll won’t fall in love again until I find
Everything you used to be
We used to be, yeah
Everything we used to be

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